Q & A (Part 3)

This is the third post in a series of Q&As with John Haguewood, technical manager for Macro-Sorb Technologies.

Q.  Could you tell us more about the products Macro-Sorb offers for the golf course industry?

A.  We offer the following high quality products:

Macro-Sorb® Foliar is very high in free amino acid content. Applied foliarly, the product increases absorption and translocation, as well as provide increases in photosynthesis and root length for the turf plant.  University studies and field results show that Macro-Sorb Foliar significantly increases the plant’s ability to combat heat and drought stress. Its unique formulation delivers high concentrations of free L-amino acids directly to the foliage for fast uptake.

Macro-Sorb® Radicular is a soil-applied product with high concentrations of specific amino acids important for root development. Specifically, it enhances root mass and root hair production, leading to greater nutrient use efficiency and this helps increase the plant’s ability to combat drought and heat stress. We recommend that users water-in a Radicular application to get the product into the root zone where it can be used to its greatest efficiency.

Quelant®-Ca contains high levels of calcium and just the right amount of boron as well as free amino acids to help plants absorb these elements. Calcium is a critical element in the formation of plant cell walls and membranes throughout the plant. Because of this, adequate levels of available calcium help develop turf strong enough to withstand heavy play and mechanical damage. High levels of boron can be devastating, but Quelant-Ca uses boron very efficiently due to its unique formulation. Boron is critical for DNA synthesis and cell wall structure. It’s also very important in carbohydrate metabolism and respiration. Quelant Ca helps build cell wall structure and develop rigid plant membranes, allowing turf to stand up against stresses.

Quelant®-K low pH is a natural potassium product. Potassium is needed for many physiological processes in the plant and is important for stress tolerance. Research has shown that potassium improves traffic stress, cold stress and disease stress. It’s good to get potassium into the plant through a foliar application during times of stress. Some liquid potassium products have a high pH, making them difficult to tank-mix with other products. But our Quelant K low pH formulation is very tank-mix-friendly with other products. With a near neutral 7.2% pH level, it mixes easily with nearly all spray water.

Quelant®-Minors is a well-rounded, balanced micronutrient package containing nitrogen, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, boron, iron, molybdenum, and zinc, along with free amino acids. Plants require low concentrations of micronutrients for adequate levels of growth and health. However, putting greens are often grown on very sandy or completely sandy soils and nutrients frequently leach, or are removed in clippings. With a combination of free amino acids and micronutrients, Quelant Minors allows plants to easily absorb the micronutrients they need to sustain growth.

Quelant®-Amino Green contains 18% nitrogen, 3% phosphate and 1% potash (18-3-1), along with low levels of amino acids. Quelant Amino Green is the perfect nitrogen foundation for a turf fertility spray program, providing the nitrogen backbone turf managers need. We recommend low nitrogen fertility since you don’t want to push too much growth.

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John Haguewood is Technical Manager for Macro-Sorb Technologies LLC.

John Haguewood is Technical Manager for Macro-Sorb Technologies LLC.

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