Q & A (Part 1)

In this blog series, John Haguewood, Technical Manager for Macro-Sorb Technologies, answers some common questions about the science and practical application of our professional-grade amino acid products.

Q. What type of products does Macro-Sorb Technologies offer?

A. Macro-Sorb Technologies offers a line of amino acid-based fertilizer products for turfgrass and agricultural applications. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, essential for the physiological processes all plants undergo. Plants require higher concentrations of amino acids prior to stressful periods, such as drought, high heat and cold temperatures. Therefore, by applying Macro-Sorb amino acid-based products prior to stressful environmental conditions, plants are supplied with essential amino acids, improving stress tolerance and overall plant health.

Q. How do Macro-Sorb products improve the efficiency of other product inputs?

A. The amino acids in Macro-Sorb products are chelating agents, meaning they improve uptake and translocation within the plant, specifically when tank-mixed with mineral nutrients or pesticides. When Macro-Sorb amino acid products are tank-mixed with products such as fungicides, herbicides or insecticides, they help them move into the plant more efficiently, resulting in improved performance of the pesticide.

Research has shown increased levels of control or increased length of control (residual control) when pesticides are tank-mixed with Macro-Sorb products.  Macro-Sorb amino acid products are designed with specific amounts of specific amino acids to perform specific functions. See research results under the “Field Trials” link on our website.


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John Haguewood is Technical Manager for Macro-Sorb Technologies LLC. He manages all technical activities, including coordinating university field trial work, product development trials and demonstration plot research. He holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in turfgrass management from the University of Missouri.

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