Q&A (Part 4)

This is the fourth and final post in a series of Q&As with John Haguewood, technical manager for Macro-Sorb Technologies.

Q.  Do you recommend a program approach with Macro-Sorb products?

A. Yes, I absolutely recommend a program approach with Macro-Sorb products! However, not one particular program is going to work for everyone.  We do have a base program, outlined below, as a good starting point.  But soil and tissue nutrient testing should be the deciding factor in choosing a solid fertility program.

Whether a golf course superintendent chooses Macro-Sorb products as his only fertility or as supplemental fertility, we have a program for that. First, we would want to build a solid foundation of fertility based on soil and tissue nutrient tests. Based on those tests, you could build a personalized program.

Ideally, you would apply each of the products every two weeks, especially prior to and during stressful situations, dropping down to half-rates if you apply every week. Based on continued soil and tissue tests, products and rates can be adjusted to meet the grower’s need.

In general, we recommend the following:

Greens:  We recommend applying all six products at labeled rates every two weeks, particularly during stressful situations. By reapplying all the amino acids, you’re helping build plant stress tolerance.

Tees:   We recommend Foliar, Radicular, Quelant Ca, Quelant Minors and Amino Green every two weeks. Superintendents can reduce amounts of Quelant K on tees because often in native soil areas, they won’t need as much potassium.

(Note:  If you are only able to make two applications of Quelant K, we recommend aiming for summer and fall, since potassium levels should be high during heat stress and as turf goes into winter to fight cold stress.)

Fairways:  We reduce the number of products even more for fairways, eliminating the calcium. So we have Foliar, Radicular, Minors and then Amino Green as our recommended fairway program.

Again, situations vary dramatically. I always recommend soil, and particularly, tissue nutrient testing to help guide your fertilizer program. Some customers only use our Macro-Sorb Foliar product and go out with it every two weeks on the whole golf course. And some use Macro-Sorb Radicular only at times of aerification or coming out of winter. It’s hard to design one particular program that covers everyone.  We are always more than happy to help users develop personalized programs to best meet their needs.

Click below to View the Macro-Sorb Rate Guide:

Program Rate Guide (Cover)



John Haguewood is Technical Manger for Macro-Sorb Technologies

John Haguewood is Technical Manger for Macro-Sorb Technologies

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