Q&A with John Haguewood (Part 2)

This is the second post in a series of Q&As with John Haguewood, Technical Manager for Macro-Sorb Technologies.

Q. What sets Macro-Sorb products apart from other amino acid-based products available?

A. Our manufacturing process sets Macro-Sorb products apart as the best amino acid fertilizers on the market! We obtain our amino acids through a process called Enzymatic Hydrolysis — not any other type of hydrolysis, and that’s important! Many claim to use hydrolysis but that does not mean they are using Enzymatic Hydrolysis.  Enzymatic Hydrolysis is completely natural and simulates the method living plants use to create amino acids. Macro-Sorb products are manufactured to pharmaceutical-grade quality; that level of quality and consistency is unique in the industry.

Q. How does Enzymatic Hydrolysis work?

A. Enzymatic Hydrolysis uses specific enzymes to break down proteins into individual amino acids. These are called free amino acids and they are immediately available to the plant — as soon as they are applied. In other words, free amino acids don’t have to be broken down by soil microbes, which lengthens the process and delays uptake by the plant. In addition, the Enzymatic Hydrolysis process does not treat proteins so harshly that they are fractionalized and no longer plant available, which often happens with other hydrolysis extraction processes.  Further explanation can be found in the technology section of our website.

Figure 1.  Illustration of a Protein (top), protein hydrolyzed using chemicals (bottom left), and protein hydrolyzed using enzymes in a process called enzymatic hydrolysis, used for Macro-Sorb products (bottom right).

Q. How else do Macro-Sorb products differ from other amino acid products?

A. Commercial products also list other forms of amino acids, such as Natural Amino Acids or Total Amino Acids. These forms could include the small chains of amino acids (known as peptides) or proteins not broken down in the manufacturing process, which are not readily available to plants.

Some products will tell you the total amount of amino acids, but not the ratio of free amino acids to natural amino acids. Those products are likely not supplying the plant with immediately available amino acids. High quality amino acid products, like Macro-Sorb products, have a high ratio of free amino acids to natural or total amino acids which means they are available to the plants and you are getting what you paid for!

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