Improving Poa Seedhead Suppression with Macro-Sorb Foliar

Research Shows Macro-Sorb Products Enhance Poa Seedhead Suppression when Applied with PGR’s

Recent research by the Pennsylvania State University showed that Macro-Sorb products were useful in enhancing Poa annua seedhead suppression in golf course turf.

Jeffrey Borger, senior instructor in turfgrass weed management at Penn State, studied various additives to improve the efficacy of Poa seed head suppression in creeping bentgrass/Poa and 100% Poa annua greens. He made two applications spaced two weeks apart of Macro-Sorb® Foliar combined with Proxy/Primo MAXX plant growth regulators just prior to seedhead emergence in early spring.

Borger reported a 25 percent increase in seedhead suppression when Macro-Sorb Foliar was tank mixed with Proxy/Primo compared to Proxy/Primo alone. He also made two applications of Macro-Sorb Foliar plus Quelent®-Minors combined with Proxy/Primo. Both treatments enhanced turf color, with the second application providing an even darker green-colored turf.

John Haguewood, technical manager for Macro-Sorb, noted that Macro-Sorb Foliar enhances the performance of the plant growth regulator products. He added that Quelent-Minors contains iron, manganese and magnesium — all nutrients that improve turf color.

“The Proxy/Primo application often causes a slight discoloration of turf,” he said. “The addition of Macro-Sorb Foliar and Quelent-Minors reduces that discoloration and improves seedhead suppression.”

Figure 1.  Annual bluegrass seedheads observed in 2015 following applications of Proxy/Primo and Proxy/Primo + Macro-Sorb Foliar.  A 25% reduction in seedheads was achieved when Macro-Sorb Foliar was tank mixed with Proxy/Primo compared to Proxy/Primo alone.   Seedhead Suppression (Seedheads)










Figure 2.  Phytotoxicity/Discoloration (scale of 0-10, 0 = no discoloration, 10 = dead turf) of putting green following applications of Proxy/Primo alone or tank mixed with Macro-Sorb Foliar or Macro-Sorb Foliar +Minors.

Seedhead Suppression (Turf Phytox)










Any questions regarding this research can be directed to John Haguewood, Technical Manager from Macro-Sorb Technologies and SMS Additive Solutions.

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